learning to write all over again

I had 3 diaries growing up. I fell in love with writing and reading books really early. I was such a geek. 🙂 gamit na gamit ang library card ko, I had to renew it every 3 months.hehehe I thought kids my age who act the way I did were normal kids.

My writing became my outlet. I doodled anything and everything that I can think of. I was a writer in my school newspaper when I turned 3rd Grade. (how geeky was that??)hahahaha

I thought I’d end up being a journalist. I wanted so much to become an environmentalist, an ecologist, a biologist..yeah, I was a science nerd, but above all, I wanted to write all about what I’ve seen, where I travelled, what I felt. Dream job ko was to work for National Geographic and be able to write and express my stories about nature, phenomena, and anything under the sun.

Then I went to college and thought about the realization of my dreams. I thought it was kinnda far out. I wasnt the only girl in Bacolod thinking about writing in a glossy magazine, publishing my stories and travelling to get a good scope. There were millions of us. So, I chose ECE. It was a little close to Science, pwede na.hehehe

Since I started working, I became overwhelmed with a lot of things. My independence, my solidarity, my career and well, my lovelife.hahahaha I totally missed writing. I find it funny when I looked at my notes and see the bits and pieces of my thoughts jotted on the pages of papers where notes about my projects are supposed to be written. 🙂 hehehe

A lot of good things are happening in my life. Some are bad, but most are fun.;) I hate regretting the fact that I cant recall my good old memories, when I’m like 80 or something.

So, starting today, March 5, 2011, I’ll keep track with everything that’s going to happen in my life. This journal, as boring as it can be,:) will become a testimony of the life that I lived and loved.

Words are mightier than swords. So to those who will be able to read my blog, I may rant, I may praise, I may sourgrape, I may ridicule, but then again, it really is just MY twisted and happy life.=)

welcome people..

this is me, blogging on. carpe diem! 🙂


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