To Never Grow Up

My teamates and I were talking about the ‘Peter Pan’ Syndrome over lunch. According to wiki, its a pop-psychology term used to describe an adult who is socially immature. In-short, isip-bata. 🙂

I loved Peter Pan while growing up. I watched the animated film over and over again. I watched its sequel, the one with Wendy’s daughter in it, the movie Hook was also a fave, and Tink, of course! 🙂

I envy how he can just get away doing anything he likes in Neverland, never get reprimanded….and  never aged.

And the truth is, we all have Peter Pan Syndrome. At one point in our lives, we were scared to grow up. Scared of responsibilities and commitments. Scared to take chances and failures. Like kids, we want to look at life only in the way we see it presently. That simple. That easy.

But life is not that simple nor easy. It demands us to be responsible, committed and brave. It offers twists, turns and complications beyond our control and understanding. So you either, hold on or let go.

Sometimes, I can’t help but wish to see myself like a kid again. I’d certainly run more miles, climb more trees, find more friends, kiss and hug my parents more in public, dance more, sing out loud, scratch both of my knees and cry a few more buckets. 🙂

When we were little life was not at all complicated, everything was handed in 1, 2, 3. When you need something, someone has to give it you. When you’re glad, you laugh and smile. And when you’re not, you sulk and cry in front of who cares who.

When you mature, you work for what you need, you don’t ask for it. You laugh cautiously. And when you hurt, you put up a brave face.  Hide your hurt and cry alone.

Life for real was not that easy.

But then again, who the heck said it was? No one did.

It is indeed ironic how much we wanted to grow up fast when we were young, yet wishes to be young again when we miss being irresponsible and carefree–like kids.

Peter Pan was always laughing, playing around and flying. He was really cool. 🙂

Maybe being like him sometimes isn’t really that bad. Adulthood was not meant to be feared, we shouldn’t really take it that seriously too, right? 🙂

The world is a happy place if we can think about happy thoughts all the time. Who knows, we might even get a chance to fly.

So, a little advice probably not from Peter Pan, from Wendy maybe:

Life was never easy. Grow up. Accept it. 🙂

toodles kiddos! :))


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